Become a Referral Associate

Become a real estate “Referral Associate” to earn extra income.

What is a Referral Associate?

A Referral Associate is someone who can earn income by sending a person they know to a real estate agent as a lead.  

Why should you become a Referral Associate?

It’s an easy way to earn extra income when refer your friends and family.

This is your business. You’re in control.

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Great, I’m Interested! Tell me more about “Invest2day Referral Associate”

Here are 3 Real Life case studies / examples.

Case Study #1  “Deli Shop Sales person lady”

Two years ago, I became good friends with a salesperson from a local deli shop. I explained to her how she could earn extra income if she would became a Referral Associate for Invest2day. I explained how “you’ll earn extra income just by referring the people you know”.  “The time commitment, that’s completely up to you. You’ll have no quotas and therefore no stress or responsibility.”

She agreed and after only a few weeks she had referred 5 clients who successfully purchased properties off the plan.  The sales person earned enough additional income for her OWN deposit for a new investment property.  She is extremely excited with her new property purchase and that she didn’t even need to tap into her savings.”

Case Study #2 “Uber Driver”

I’m using Uber to get around busy Melbourne CBD city, it saves me money & time looking for parking.  As Uber drivers usually happy to chat with their passengers, I always explain to Uber drivers about great property investment opportunities and how it generate extra income with a short term rental.

Few weeks ago during my Uber trip, after a short conversation with Uber driver, he became very interested to purchase a property in Melbourne with a high return. He asked if he could afford to purchase it? I recommended him a great Finance broker.  His Finance was approved and he managed to put a deposit on the new apartment.  Today Uber driver and his family is pleased with apartment, he has posted a Thank you post card with a small gift for Invest2day.

Case Study #3 “Single Mum”

January this year, I was at Kids playground with two of my children. While my kids were playing with other children, I was waiting and so did other mothers. I’ve struck a conversation with other parents and mentioned to them about property investment and how anyone can become an Referral Associate and earn extra income. Many mums said they will tell their partners & friends about this great opportunity.

One single mum was very excited and interested. I’ve refereed her to Invest2day to help her find an apartment that will have a High Rental income.

Getting Business

Your most important task as a new referral associate is to compile a list of everyone you know – family, friends and acquaintances, no matter how casually you know them. This “sphere of influence” generates the referrals on which you base your business. Let them know you’re working as a Invest2day referral associate. Ask them to keep you in mind if they or anyone they know is considering buying or selling a home so you can find them a Invest2day real estate agent to work with.

Making Referrals

Once you have a buyer or seller to refer, you fill out a referral form. The form gives the customer’s contact information, your contact information and the amount of commission you earn for the referral. In some cases, you set the rate; in other cases, the Invest2day agent predetermines the rate. Send the form to the agent you want to work with your buyers or sellers – if you have one in mind – or submit the form to Invest2day for a follow up. Keep in touch with Invest2day to find out when the sale is due to close. Invest2day pays your commission from the cheque he or she receives at making a sale.

As a Invest2day Referral Associate, you’ll earn extra income just by referring the people you know.

    • Friends and family
    • Old classmates
    • Social media contacts
    • Members of any groups or organisations you belong to
  • Just about anyone you meet,  even Uber drivers!

As for time commitment, that’s completely up to you. You’ll have no quotas and therefore no stress or responsibility.

That’s Easy! How do I start?

Don’t delay any longer your prosperous future, Make an appointment with Invest2day!

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